Often Zhan

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Earlier this year, I made a new years resolution to listen to NPR morning edition during my commute to work. I did it consistently for about 3 months. Then I started getting depressed especially because of the 24 hour news cycle. I willfully and gladly gave up this particular resolution.

Slowly but surely, I’ve begun to tailor my news to my current interests. Especially podcasts.

I like all sort of podcasts. My interests often shift and transition depending on the day or mood. I typically listen to podcasts in the morning so I like the type of podcasts that are short, optimistic, and are rich with practical advice.

Longer podcasts that are 1.5 to 2.0 hour dialogues seem like such a time suck especially with what little information (per 5 minutes) is gleaned from it. That is why I am not a big fan of the Jocko Podcast or the Joe Rogan Podcast.

Also, I’ve found myself recently shifting away from Radiolab and 99% Invisible. Partially because I’ve been undergoing this huge interest in self-improvement and growth. Secondly, these type of “ear-candy” podcasts require much more attention due to its considerate and deliberate sound effects. To be fair, when a new episode of More Perfect airs, I’ll listen to it in a heartbeat. In the morning, I don’t want to be contemplative but invigorated and task-oriented.

My criteria for finding new podcasts are the following:

  • 10-45 minute long segments
  • Has supplementary resources, transcripts and/or comprehensive show notes
  • Self-Improvement, leadership, or entrepreneur podcasts

Here are the current podcasts that I regularly listen to:

  1. Entre-leadership
  2. The Indicator
  3. Mindset Mentor (I may take this off the list soon…)
  4. Philosophize this
  5. More Perfect

*- Often*