Often Zhan

3 minute read

Even before writing this blog, I purposely made it a point for it to not devolve into a pen review blog. Not that pen review blogs are bad persay. If you do not know me, I like pens. A lot. So much that it becomes a productivity black hole. As a result, I do not go out of my way to look for the perfect pen because I’ve always placed a higher emphasis on content over products.

However, this particular post is a little different. As a spur of inspiration, I’ve decided to break my vow of silence just because of how much I love Muji gel pens. They write smoother than any other gel pen I’ve come across (other than the Pentel Energels) and, well… they just make me happy.

To give a bit of backstory, I ran out of ink in all my gel pens about half a year ago and never came around to buying new ones. I own so many cheap ballpoint pens (BIC pens, free pens found in banks and hotels) that I decided, “Good enough for me. I’ll use up these pens first before I buy new ones.” However, no matter how prolific I write, these rollerball never seem to die. They last forever. AND they multiply. Three months ago, I owned 53 bic pens alone, but when I counted how many pens I owned today, they mysteriously multiplied to become 72 pens.

I know this was not an accounting error because I’ve begun to store my dead pens in a little tin box as a sort of ‘war prize’. I’ve coined this box: ‘the pen graveyard’. Over the past three months, I’ve used up at least 7 pens, so the number should have decreased. My guess is that someone put more pens in my pen container, yet I do not know who would do that…

My older brother, MZ, moved in about a week ago, and while I was walking through his room, I discovered a red Muji 0.5 pen out in the wild. So… I just took it. Yes, I’m a thief, AND I DON’T REGRET IT. (I hope he doesn’t read this blog post.)

Oh the joy of a Muji Pen. The matte finish. The smooth writing and flowing ink. When I first sat down to write something, I wrote, “This is a test of a red 0.5 Muji gel pen,” and somehow the pen spurred into overdrive, and by the end of 3 minutes, I had already written on both sides of the page as well as revisions and side commentary on the margins.

The next day, I decided to go out of my way to Palo Alto to buy a set of new set of Gel Pens.

After having a brand new spankin’ set of pens, I secretly placed MZ’s pen back onto his desk. I was considering replacing the pen I stole with a BIC pen, but dismissed the thought; I’m a thief, but I’m not a monster.