Often Zhan

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(This was an email that I sent to the leader of a potential ministry partner.)

I’ve been thinking about the meeting that we had between the leaders of our two ministries. Everyone was pressed for time especially because the school year was about to start. I remember your sigh of relief when [this ministry] said that we desired a partnership.

After reflecting on your concerns about the details of our partnership, I wanted to spend time to write to you a letter. Please read this whenever you have the time at your leisure. Although I do not know how our two ministries will interact in the long-term future, what I can tell you is that [this ministry]’s sole purpose is to co-work with other ministries to help fulfill the Great Commission and to help build Christian leaders for the next generation. As a para-church and para-ministry organization, we cannot exist without partnering with smaller organizations and working with them to help make an impact with their local community. We try not to go into a local town and create events on our own. Preferably, we like to work with already existing ministries where God is already at work. Partially, we do this as a sign of respect to the local ministries. Secondly, if we try to do things on our own, perhaps we will succeed, but if we work with local ministries where God is already at work, then we WILL succeed.

While our two ministries are similar, I do think that both our ministries have strengths in different aspects, and I truly believe that we can both learn and grow from each other. [This ministry]’s hope and goal is to work with many ministries similar to yours. So, from my perspective, I come to the table with the mentality of “[This ministry] are partnering with you because we know that God is already at work in your ministry, and we want to be a part of that.”

Hopefully, this clears up many concerns and misconceptions about our ministry.

Best Regards,
Tennyson L. Zhan