Often Zhan

1 minute read

With all that has been happening recently… Hong Kong protests… Push for Trump Impeachment… school shootings, I have to constantly remind myself that the world is an amazing and beautiful place. Call me an optimist, but I truly believe that there is more good that is happening in the world than bad.

We should appreciated what we have but also strive for a better future. To begin, our first step is to have gratitude. We should set aside time to write down all the things that we are blessed with. If those blessings are things, we should set aside time to take care of them. Clean them, repair them, and treat them with the respect that we’ve neglected to give them. If they are people who are still alive, we should thank them personally for how they have impacted us. Even if what they did inconsequential to their eyes, their actions should be recognized and appreciated. Lastly, pay it forward. Small acts of kindness from us can mean the whole world to others. God has blessed us so that we can be a blessing to others. Let’s keep that spirit of love, hope, and compassion that’s been given to us alive by sharing it to others.

– Often