Often Zhan

2 minute read

I’ve changed the CMS of this website yet again. I tried to use a full database website like WordPress, but I just don’t like having this strange black box that I have no control over loom over this blog.

From your end, you probably won’t know the difference. But it matters to me!!!

I finally transitioned to a static website last weekend. Honestly, I could have used any static website generator. I just picked the first one I saw. I am using Hugo. It has everything that I want, and not too much of what I do not want. My brain has been rocking around the question of how I can access this blog from anywhere. Essentially, I needed a CMS. I could use git with add, commit, push, and pull system. Yet, I do not want to be reliant on a terminal to update my blog. For example, I want to be able to update my blog through my local library computer.

So here is my current system. (I think this is a keeper!)

I type out and publish through Forestry then pushes my blog posts through Github which records every nuanced change. Finally, the site is auto-generated and deployed through Netlify. It’s a little complicated, yet I know every single step of the process.

I love how stable a database-less website is! I also love the markdown syntax language.

To make it easier for people to see how I created this blog, I have decided to open up my GitHub repository by the end of this year so you can see how how it is set up. (If I forget to do so, feel free to contact me to remind me.)


Often Zhan

1 minute read

I’ve begun to show people my blog. There’s copious amounts of mistakes. Right now, its like my home gym. It may not look pretty, but with a little bit of spit and polish, you can’t help but use it!

I don’t mind that my blog is a little messy. This is more of a passion project than anything else. Still, I need to consider finding an editor because I want this blog to be at least somewhat presentable.

Often Zhan

1 minute read

I get mail; therefore I am. Scott Adams

If you have a question about the blog or just want to talk, I am always more than willing to listen. There’s something fun about an letter correspondences, especially a snail mail correspondence.

My email is õft€ñ-zHan{a't)G-M%A#I&L{dot|.©¤M.

I can’t wait to hear from you!