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The Duck Row Test

my checklist for a potential mate

get/have your ducks in a row - to be well prepared or well organized for something that is going to happen Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary & Thesaurus


Row of ducks.
I've got to get all my ducks in a row.

This was the test that I used from 2010–2015 to measure a potential woman's attractiveness.

I forgot who told me, but an older married man once mentioned, "I made a list of qualities that I wanted for my future spouse so that I would know who I should be looking for when finding my future spouse. Also, I made a list for myself to make sure that all my ducks are in a row when I met my future spouse." He didn't say it outright, but his underlying question was Would my ideal woman be interested in a guy like me? When pondering this question, I decided to not to spend my time to look for "The One" but rather strive to make myself "The One" for my future spouse.

Funny thing... I lost the list for myself but never lost my list for the "ideal woman". However, I do think that this can apply to any gender. Over time, I've used, updated, and adapted this list, and eventually made it into a measuring stick for the attractiveness of a potential mate. The current draft (Version 2.5) is still a little outdated. The last time I updated this list was in 2010.

The Duck Row test still very rough, but that is understandable because I probably spent a total of less than 3 hours working on it including drafting and updating. (Note to self: I should reexamine the test and make a new, updated version in the nearby future.)


Everytime, I showed someone my Duck Row test, they have either been deeply offended or exclaimed full support. I know the test sounds awful. It means that every potential mate I've met since making this test has a numerical value of attractiveness. BUT, I've only used this test for 5-6 women. Also, if she had a low score, I don't dismiss her outright. I don't place this test in high regard, but even so, I still find the test useful in its limited application.

I decided to show it in the blog for

  • Archival Reason - I don't want to lose this list.
  • Sentimental Reasons - I used this list a lot in the past so its useful to provide context in future blog posts.

The Duck Row Test

In this current version, I organized the test under The 7 Dimensions of Wellness as well as an additional 8th category of personal preference.

The Duck Row Test

The points are added up in the end and measured from a scale of 0-100.

Social Health

Description Score
Conflict Management Skills 3
Involved in Community (Leadership Role) 2
Avoids Drama & Gossip 3
Socially Concious (PDA, Discussing Sensitive Issues in Public) 2

Emotional Health

Description Score
Chill 2
Creative 2
Organized 4
Not a Clean-Freak 2
Time Management 4
Humble 3
Strong Sense of Independence 2
Avoids Gossip 3
Level Headed in Heated Situations 2
No Mood Swings 2
Not Overly Needy 3
Comfortable with her body 3

Spiritual Health

Description Score
Christian 5
Works on Improving Oneself 5
Strong Sense of Moral Code 4

Occupational Health

Description Score
Low Maintanence 4
Low Budget Fashion 2
Minimilstic Makeup 2
FashionSense 2

Intellectual Health

Description Score
Likes Reading 3
Reads Fantasy 1
Reads SciFi 1
Reads Non-Fiction 1

Physical Health

Description Score
Does Not Smoke 4
No Tattoos (or non-visible when wearing clothing) 2
Excercizes Regularly 2
Plays a Sport 2

Enviromental Health

Description Score
Enviromentally Concious in Decision Making 1
Recycles and Composts 1
Metal Water Bottle 0.5
Makes it a Point to Turn off Lights 0.5

Personal Preference

Description Score
Has Short Hair 2
Plays an Instrument 2
Likes Coffee but not Addicted 1
Laughs at my Corny Jokes 2
Pretty 2
Hot Mom 1
Not deathly allergic or against: milk, gluten, fish, meat... 2
Passionate of Chinese Ministry 3
Total Value 100

Summed Totals

Here is the added values of all of the major catagories.

Dimension Summed Value
Social 10
Emotional 32
Spiritual 14
Occupational 10
Intellectual 6
Physical 10
Enviromental 3
Personal 15
Score Interpretation
0-50   → Do Not Pursue
51-74  → Unlikely Candidate
75-100 → Potential Mate

Change Log

Version Description
Version 1.0 Original Draft - Unorganized
Version 2.0 Organized under 7 Dimensions of Wellness and personal attributes I find attractive.
Version 2.5 Adapted the list to apply to a working adult. (I was a 1st year college student when I made Version 1.0.)

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