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Congratulations CL for New Book

One of my friends, CL, just published her first book Sustainable Home: Practical projects, tips, and advice for maintaining a more eco-friendly household. It's not just some run-of-the-mill no-name book either—it's being sold in every major bookstore including Barnes & Noble and Amazon.

Here is CL's new book!
This is the front cover of CL's new book.

Awesome! I'm Jealous.

Congradulations! Wha–Whe—How did you get so ahead of me?

Best wishes on your blog's future! I hope you buy your own book and eat it.

It's strange watching her blog grow up from infancy. From reading her first post, to reading her daily musings, and now hearing about the publication of her new book. Needless to say, her blog is definitely going places.

If you can't tell, a small, small part of me is jealous. I only got interested in blogging recently, so of course she's farther ahead than me. Mostly, I'm very proud of her. And she deserves it too!

I'm not surprised about the content of her blog, either. She's always been interested in minimalism and she's always considered the environmental consequences of her actions. Nor am I surprised about her success. Her passion is contagious. Like a disease!

If you're worried about getting gypped, don't worry. CL's online personality isn't a front. What you see is what you get.

One aspect about her that you can't get from reading her blog is her attractiveness. And I am not just talking about her face, but her overall personage. At least that's my best guess. I don't see what the whole hubbub is about CL, but everyone I've met says she has this attractive charm.

Actually, when we served leadership together, I felt kinda bad for her. Not because of any thing she did (at least not intentionally). When we served in collegiate leadership, I knew of at least three people who had confessed to her, and three others who had secretly fallen head over heels for her. ALL WITHIN A 5 MONTH TIME PERIOD. I couldn't believe it!

Looking back, it makes more sense now.

  • She loves to bake. Very homely.
  • She has an easy-going personality.
  • She exudes that sort of artsy-fartsy vibe. You know, like an Etsy seller.

Yet, even considering all this, it's still unfathomable as to why SO. MANY. PEOPLE. were caught by her love bug. I mean, she only got a 77 on the Duck Row Test. Am I missing something about her that other guys see?

CL wearing my glasses.
Here's PROOF that I know her! In this picture, she is failing at wearing my glasses. Everytime she tries to wear them, she combusts into laughter.

Just imagine: All your guy friends—those close to you and those you considered platonic— kept requesting to talk to you in private, and then BLAM! All of them began to confess their undying love to you left and right. Scary right? I'd be afraid to talk to any of my guys friends fearing that they'd fall in love with me.

So, in my idiotic brilliance, I decided to confess to her about my DISinterest in her. In my mind, the plan was foolproof. I would tell her that I don't have any intention of hooking up with her, and if she needed a guy's perspective on something, she can come and ask me without any worry of me declaring myself her "Romeo". I followed through with my plan, and it was a glowing success.

At least, that was what I thought.

The plan backfired. Now, every time she sees me, she asks, "Hey, remember that time you told me I was ugly and unattractive?"

I know she says it in jest. We're still friends and there's never been any ill will between us. Well, those days are long past now. We both graduated and moved to different places. Besides, she's married now.

I'm proud of you, CL, and hope to catch up to you in the near future. Don't forget about your eccentric friend Often when you become filthy famous.

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A New Friend?

"I met someone who I is super interesting. His name is AA."

He is the boyfriend of my cousin's cousin—not related. He's hispanic and wears his long hair in a man bun.

He does graphic design. How cool is that!

But what makes him stand out is a passing conversation I had with him about notebooks. He said, "Someday, I want to make the perfect notebook." Inwardly, I was ecstatic. Part of me wanted to jump out of my chair, slam my hands on the Buffalo Wildwing's table and say, "I have the same passion too!" Thankfully, I restrained myself. I did not want to creep him the first time I met him.

So, in three weeks from now, 21 days, I will contact him. I've already drafted my facebook message that I will send him.

Hey Alex, I was thinking about making a notebook from scratch and wanted to see if you would be interested in what I've made so far. Often

Does that sound casual enough... I don't know. Anyways, hopefully I won't scare him off. Friends are hard to find after college.

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