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Intro to Fitness

building a life-long habit of health

Intentional fitness is something that is foreign to me. Growing up, I was never really shown the importance of proper dieting, flexibility, and strength training beyond 'eating your vegetables' and 'taking a stroll around the neighborhood'. Even now, whenever I go to the gym, I get a contemptuous look as if he is thinking, "Why are you lifting heavy things for no purpose? If you want to bend your knees and pick up stuff, you can clean the backyard." However, there are reasons for going to the gym and an important one at that. For me, going to the gym provides a designated place that encourages

  1. Exercise - Maintain full range of motion and current health (cardio and musculature)
  2. Training - Improving one's current physical and psychological well-being.

I find it important to differentiate the difference between exercise and training because they both play different roles. Mark Rippetoe says on his blog:

The ill-informed think that variety is the objective and that boredom is the enemy, that the pump, sweat, fatigue, and soreness are the hallmarks and the objective of an effective workout, not realizing that these things are just the side-effects of what happened today, and are not the indicators of progress. Marke Rippetoe

At this point in my life as a young'ish man, I am building a momentum—a lifestyle—that will play a significant role in my comfort and productivity in the future. It's scary to see my parents and their generation suffering with heart problems, nutritional problems, and diabetes. And no, I don't think that all of these symptoms are a natural result of age. Most of them (if not all of them) are entirely preventable if I only make a few minor changes in my life.

I can spend hours and quote books and speakers about health and fitness but as of right now, in the beginning of my process of building a healthy lifestyle, I will focus on the following:

  1. Diet
    • Balanced Diet
    • Volume Control
  2. Cardio
    • Daily Running
    • Marathons
  3. Strength
    • Primary Lifts
    • Secondary Lifts
    • Muscle Imbalances

I'll work out for a month while generating some crucial data about my current well-being. Afterwards, we can discuss where I can improve from there.

Task List for Future Posts

Make a list of the following

  • Exercise Plan
  • Strength Training Plan
  • Dieting Plan
  • Empirical Data of starting point: Weight, BMI, BPM, PRs

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