Bolted Down Handle of Paper Guillotine

"I've owned and used my HFS 12"" Heavy Duty Paper Guillotine for a little over a month now, and I have to say that I'm impressed. I was a little worried from the bad reviews—oil stains, slanted cuts, dull blades... but so far, I haven't had any problems.

It's all about tolerances. Whenever you get a piece of machinery, don't push it to its limits. If it can cut up to 400 pages, don't try to cut the 400 sheets of paper on it every day. It will eventually buckle and fail. Personally, I only use it to cut 150 pages at a time, max.

I love the paper cutter. It has a small toolbox where you store all your screw drivers and extra bolts, a smooth and even cutting action, and a solid, heavy frame with rubber feet. In short, it's awesome.

However, there has been one thing that fustrates me, and it fustrates a lot of reviewers too. Inside the vice handle, there is a small piece of plastic that holds the rubber grip in place, similar to a two-piece shaft collar. Sometimes, when I am too enthusiastic in unclamping my booklets, the rubber grip comes loose, and the two pieces of plastic fly everywhere.

Well, I finally lost one—Yes, bummer—but it was inevitable. I don't know why they designed the paper guillotine that way, but it seems like a temporary fix instead of a permanent solution.

Here is one of the two pieces. I lost the other one.

As a result, I finally jumped the gun and bolted the handle down using a screw. I used the smallest drill bit I could find and drilled a hole in the metal bar, slowly increasing the drill bit until the hole was the right diameter. Even then, the metal bar was too tough for the screw's teeth to bite onto. But that's not something that a quick blow of a hammer can't fix.

Anyways, here is the final result:

The wide inside diameter makes the washer droop, but the screw is dead center.

It's not perfect—far from it—but the rubber grip rotates even more freely and is attached rock solid. If I were to do this gain, I would spend the time to tap-and-die the hole so the screw would fit like butter. I would have also put some silicon lube prior to reattaching the rubber handle.

Now, the paper guillotine works perfectly. Awesome.

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