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Big ideas, big ambitious projects need to be embedded within culture at a level deeper than the political winds. It needs to be deeper than the economic fluctuations that could turn people against an expensive project because they're on an unemployment line and can't feed their families. Neil deGrasse Tyson

Brother Making Cheese
Here was one of my older projects of making cheese.

When I was younger, I wanted to do everything. Realizing that this was an impossible task as I got older, I dropped many of these passions in pursuit of a single vocation. I regret that decision. I'm behind where I wanted to be, but it's never too late to start right? I have a million projects I want to do and all accomplish every single one! (This is an exaggeration of course. I have, at most, a dozen projects running at the same time.)

Yet, if experience has taught me anything, I can't pursue all these projects have haphazardly and expect them all to magically to get done. So I'll list, organize, and categorize every step until all my projects are finished with completion and with excellence.

Current and Future Projects

Here is a running list of all my projects and a short description. To look at the entire project, please click on the headers below.

Often Zhan Blog (Appendix)

Technically, this blog is one of my main projects. However, since this entire site is the blog and not a subcategory of it, I've decided to place the updates and changelog in Appendix rather than in Projects.

Book Design

I've always been interested in quality book binding, especially since it plays a big role in the enjoyment of a journal or book. Personally, I like softcover sewn binding (like Smyth Sewn Binding and Coptic Binding) and Stapled Saddlestitch Binding (like those commonly found in booklets). I've always WANTED to be a fan of hardcover books, but alas, I'm not. Trust me, I've tried. The bookbinding project is divided into multiple categories/tags.


I've never liked using the word "Healthy" because the word is so ambiguous. Anything can be healthy, and projects can be both healthy and unhealty at the same time. Everything I do is meant to improve my well-being. Writing this blog can be used to help my mental well-being.

So when I mean health, what I mean are the projects specifically meant to prolong my life and prevent my early death.


Physical fitness is the first thing that everyone thinks about when they imagine health. I'm trying to improve myself on many aspects within fitness including:


I want to eat healthy and lose weight. I'm getting chubby.


Blame CL for getting me into this topic. I don't care for perfection, but I want my room to be just enough orderly to not lose anything and to be just enough chaotic to be creative. It's a fine line to walk, but it's possible. I don't have time to wait for my muse to come before I can start a project, so I have to find another way to get my creative juices flowing. For the sake of this blog and its projects, minimalism is defined as

Getting rid of anything that gets in the way of my interests, goals, passions, and projects.

This section is my attempt to remove all the unneccessities. That's it. Not Buddism. Not aesthetics. Not enviromentalism. Yes, they may play a role in minimalism but only as an indirect role. In other words, minimalism is the physical and design aspects of productivity.

Family History

I am also interested in recording family history. It's important, and the next generation is starting to die. I can learn about medieval history whenever I want, but once my dad, mom, uncles, and aunties are gone, their story is gone forever unless someone writes them down. They are important to me and what they find important is important to me too.

This is my attempt to record their memories and to keep their vision alive in us.

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