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Printing and Star Trek Voyager

Bookbinder's Log, Stardate 96105.99:

While printing booklets, I've aptly discovered that my printer's speed matches the tempo of Star Trek Voyager's Theme Song with no quantifiable discrepancy. To commemorate this moment, I've decided to name my printer "Tuvok" in commemoration for its valor and logic in fulfilling the Prime Directive.

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Judging Coffee Shops

Cafe Equipment
Venicia Cafe in Palo Alto.

I like drinking at coffee shops, Cafés, Coffee houses. Whatever you call them. Places whose main source of income is by selling decent cups of coffee. I even go out of my way to find them!

However, I don't feel satisfied with my current method of rating coffee shops. What I've been doing thus far has been to go to a coffee shop, drink a cup of coffee, glance around the room, and mutter to myself saying "I like it." or "I don't like it." This method is so... imprecise. Too wishy-washy. I need some sort of rubric or grading system to measure the coffee shop similar to the Duck Row test.

Why do I need to quantifiable measure for a coffee shop? Because. What more can I say? Should I just enjoy the moment by drinking the cup of coffee and enjoying the scenery? Preposterous. How can I enjoy something without measuring my enjoyment with an empirical value from a scale from 0 to 100? Impossible.

I want to start expanding my coffee shop horizons, so I've decided to expand in an outward spiral. Starting in Half Moon Bay, I've mapped out as many local independent coffee shops that I intend to visit.

Lucky for me, I like my coffee consistent. Paper cup. Black. With a Book or perhaps a friend.

To keep my experiment as consistent as possible, I've decided to visit new coffee shops at 2PM on Saturday. If I try to rate coffee shops on different days and hours then I might arrive at rush hour. Or during a change shift. Visiting at the same time reduces these errors. Also, I need to visit these coffee shops more than once.

The coffee itself will only be a small percentage of the coffee shop's total score. Coffee is just coffee. If I want good coffee, I would just make it at home. What I am really looking for is the location, convenience, atmosphere, mission/vision statement.

I still haven't fully created the basic rubric, but I'm close. The rubric will be graded with an overall score of 100 um... coffee beans?

Or perhaps coffee cups.

OH WAIT! Maybe the tens place will be measured in Coffee Cups, and the Ones place will be measured in coffee beans. Like 5 cups of coffee and 3 beans would represent a score of 53/100.

That could work!

I dunno, I haven't put much thought on the creative stuff. I'm mainly working creating a fair and consistent rubric. Then I'll worry about graphic design afterwards.

I should be done with a rough working draft of the project in the next couple of hours, and I'll provide an update when I feel it is at least partially presentable.

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journal poem

The Reader and the Writer

I love writing. Both the action and the idea.

I love to writing, conjuring once insurmountable and intangible problems into small insignificant, and tenable symbols saturated on paper.

I love prose, how words ebb and flow, like harmony in an arpeggio or tension from a dissonant chord.

I love ostentatious words; Ebullient words that bubble and froth from the author's soul, words that sweeten or fester. Winsome, wild words that settle on your tongue like rich oily foods.

I love the idea of writing. Pen scratching paper. Ink saturating pulp. People perusing paper piece by piece. Page by page. Letter by letter. Lingering on each letter like a lover. Solemn at the silent abyss of each space, each punctuation.

I love stories; Lies that speak more than truth. Some - reflections, shadows, ripples of a fading past. Bridging past and present. Building foundations for the future.

At this moment - your past, my present - I am at a coffee shop at the cusp of evening. Sky blue with a tint of orange.

You are a father, a student, a mistress. You are in a dark room, in a dark house, under a dark sky while the world around you sleeps. You are on a subway wearing a tie and suitcase, heading to work. The train pans, tilts, bumps, and bruises. A passenger behind you coughs. Another sneezes.

Wherever or whenever you are, you are with me, across time and space, sharing this moment.

Since we are here together, let's have an adventure. Often Zhan - Journal (1/18/18)

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The Duck Row Test

my checklist for a potential mate

get/have your ducks in a row - to be well prepared or well organized for something that is going to happen Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary & Thesaurus


Row of ducks.
I've got to get all my ducks in a row.

This was the test that I used from 2010–2015 to measure a potential woman's attractiveness.

I forgot who told me, but an older married man once mentioned, "I made a list of qualities that I wanted for my future spouse so that I would know who I should be looking for when finding my future spouse. Also, I made a list for myself to make sure that all my ducks are in a row when I met my future spouse." He didn't say it outright, but his underlying question was Would my ideal woman be interested in a guy like me? When pondering this question, I decided to not to spend my time to look for "The One" but rather strive to make myself "The One" for my future spouse.

Funny thing... I lost the list for myself but never lost my list for the "ideal woman". However, I do think that this can apply to any gender. Over time, I've used, updated, and adapted this list, and eventually made it into a measuring stick for the attractiveness of a potential mate. The current draft (Version 2.5) is still a little outdated. The last time I updated this list was in 2010.

The Duck Row test still very rough, but that is understandable because I probably spent a total of less than 3 hours working on it including drafting and updating. (Note to self: I should reexamine the test and make a new, updated version in the nearby future.)


Everytime, I showed someone my Duck Row test, they have either been deeply offended or exclaimed full support. I know the test sounds awful. It means that every potential mate I've met since making this test has a numerical value of attractiveness. BUT, I've only used this test for 5-6 women. Also, if she had a low score, I don't dismiss her outright. I don't place this test in high regard, but even so, I still find the test useful in its limited application.

I decided to show it in the blog for

  • Archival Reason - I don't want to lose this list.
  • Sentimental Reasons - I used this list a lot in the past so its useful to provide context in future blog posts.

The Duck Row Test

In this current version, I organized the test under The 7 Dimensions of Wellness as well as an additional 8th category of personal preference.

The Duck Row Test

The points are added up in the end and measured from a scale of 0-100.

Social Health

Description Score
Conflict Management Skills 3
Involved in Community (Leadership Role) 2
Avoids Drama & Gossip 3
Socially Concious (PDA, Discussing Sensitive Issues in Public) 2

Emotional Health

Description Score
Chill 2
Creative 2
Organized 4
Not a Clean-Freak 2
Time Management 4
Humble 3
Strong Sense of Independence 2
Avoids Gossip 3
Level Headed in Heated Situations 2
No Mood Swings 2
Not Overly Needy 3
Comfortable with her body 3

Spiritual Health

Description Score
Christian 5
Works on Improving Oneself 5
Strong Sense of Moral Code 4

Occupational Health

Description Score
Low Maintanence 4
Low Budget Fashion 2
Minimilstic Makeup 2
FashionSense 2

Intellectual Health

Description Score
Likes Reading 3
Reads Fantasy 1
Reads SciFi 1
Reads Non-Fiction 1

Physical Health

Description Score
Does Not Smoke 4
No Tattoos (or non-visible when wearing clothing) 2
Excercizes Regularly 2
Plays a Sport 2

Enviromental Health

Description Score
Enviromentally Concious in Decision Making 1
Recycles and Composts 1
Metal Water Bottle 0.5
Makes it a Point to Turn off Lights 0.5

Personal Preference

Description Score
Has Short Hair 2
Plays an Instrument 2
Likes Coffee but not Addicted 1
Laughs at my Corny Jokes 2
Pretty 2
Hot Mom 1
Not deathly allergic or against: milk, gluten, fish, meat... 2
Passionate of Chinese Ministry 3
Total Value 100

Summed Totals

Here is the added values of all of the major catagories.

Dimension Summed Value
Social 10
Emotional 32
Spiritual 14
Occupational 10
Intellectual 6
Physical 10
Enviromental 3
Personal 15
Score Interpretation
0-50   → Do Not Pursue
51-74  → Unlikely Candidate
75-100 → Potential Mate

Change Log

Version Description
Version 1.0 Original Draft - Unorganized
Version 2.0 Organized under 7 Dimensions of Wellness and personal attributes I find attractive.
Version 2.5 Adapted the list to apply to a working adult. (I was a 1st year college student when I made Version 1.0.)

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