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Venicia Cafe in Palo Alto.

I like drinking at coffee shops, Cafés, Coffee houses. Whatever you call them. Places whose main source of income is by selling decent cups of coffee. I even go out of my way to find them!

However, I don't feel satisfied with my current method of rating coffee shops. What I've been doing thus far has been to go to a coffee shop, drink a cup of coffee, glance around the room, and mutter to myself saying "I like it." or "I don't like it." This method is so... imprecise. Too wishy-washy. I need some sort of rubric or grading system to measure the coffee shop similar to the Duck Row test.

Why do I need to quantifiable measure for a coffee shop? Because. What more can I say? Should I just enjoy the moment by drinking the cup of coffee and enjoying the scenery? Preposterous. How can I enjoy something without measuring my enjoyment with an empirical value from a scale from 0 to 100? Impossible.

I want to start expanding my coffee shop horizons, so I've decided to expand in an outward spiral. Starting in Half Moon Bay, I've mapped out as many local independent coffee shops that I intend to visit.

Lucky for me, I like my coffee consistent. Paper cup. Black. With a Book or perhaps a friend.

To keep my experiment as consistent as possible, I've decided to visit new coffee shops at 2PM on Saturday. If I try to rate coffee shops on different days and hours then I might arrive at rush hour. Or during a change shift. Visiting at the same time reduces these errors. Also, I need to visit these coffee shops more than once.

The coffee itself will only be a small percentage of the coffee shop's total score. Coffee is just coffee. If I want good coffee, I would just make it at home. What I am really looking for is the location, convenience, atmosphere, mission/vision statement.

I still haven't fully created the basic rubric, but I'm close. The rubric will be graded with an overall score of 100 um... coffee beans?

Or perhaps coffee cups.

OH WAIT! Maybe the tens place will be measured in Coffee Cups, and the Ones place will be measured in coffee beans. Like 5 cups of coffee and 3 beans would represent a score of 53/100.

That could work!

I dunno, I haven't put much thought on the creative stuff. I'm mainly working creating a fair and consistent rubric. Then I'll worry about graphic design afterwards.

I should be done with a rough working draft of the project in the next couple of hours, and I'll provide an update when I feel it is at least partially presentable.

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