Coffee Shop Critique List - Pt.1

an overview

I started working on my coffee shop criteria list, and like usual, I underestimated how much work goes into this simple project. Therefore, I've decided to upload my work in small chunks rather than showing a finished version at once

I searched online for what is a good coffee shop, and after discussing it with my brother MJ, a coffee shop visiting addict, I think I've covered the broad strokes of a good coffee shop. Here is a step-by-step flowchart of this project from beginning to the end (or at least till Version 1).

graph TD subgraph Development Stage A[Basic Criteria List] --> B[Detailed Descriptions] B --> C[Scaled Rubric] C --> D[Non-Formatted Sheet] end subgraph Testing Phase D --> F[Test Run 1] F -->|Add Missing Criteria|G[Test Run 2] G -->|Balance Criteria and Rubric Values|H[Test Run 2] H -->|User Feedback|I[Test Run 3] end subgraph Version 1 I -->|Last Minute Adjustments and Aesthetic Changes| J[Version 1 Completed] J --> K[Official Dynamic Sheet] J --> X[Official Formatted Sheet] K --> Z[Begin Judging Coffee Shops] X --> Z end

Upcoming Posts

As the project continues along, I will post periodic updates. Note that this is the developement phase so some of the values and wordings will change as the project continues.

  • Basic Critique List of Coffee Shop
  • Detailed Description
    • Atmosphere
    • Coffee Quality
    • Convenience
    • Personal
    • Bonuses & Docks
  • Rubrics
  • Unformatted Rubric Sheet
  • Formatted Rubric Sheet
  • Dynamic Rubric Sheet
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