Image Naming and Formatting

I've been debating how to file and organize my images, and I still don't have a firm conclusion. There are two possible options:

  1. Organize the images in the same folder as each individual post. [Grav's Default]
  2. Organize all the images in the same folder.

I still have not decided which is the best option, but I am leaning towards the second one. However, the first option is extremely desirable because it's easy to view, upload, and add the pictures into the post using built-in tools of their CMS.

Picture Format

Wherever the images will be placed, the naming system will be consistent.

Naming Structure

The naming structure will start with a 3 digit number, a dash, and then a 2-4 word description of the image followed by the file extension. For example, here are some example file name structures.

  • 001-testpost.jpg
  • 002-startrekisawesome.jpg
  • 010-monkeysvsgorillas.jpg

While the original image will have a much higher quality picture, the front end image (image in the post seen by visitors) will typically have a 3:2 aspect ratio with a resolution of 600 x 400.

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