Categories and Tags

The blog is organized in two different ways: File Structure and Categories/Tags. While both are related, they actually serve two different purposes.

File Structure

The file structure system used to organize the blog for either a databaseless system" or a static website. As in, if I ever plan to move away from a database to a static website that only uses CSS and HTML, the structured this blog makes this transition seamless.

Menu Bar
You can look through the front end file structure yourself by clicking through the title menu and seeing how the pages and posts are organized.


The use of Categories and Tags is a nod towards the mighty Wordpress. It is used to organize the blog in a database system. So, if I ever want to transition to Wordpress as well, it won't be too much work. All the necessary aspects of the blog are already set in place. All I need to do is copy and paste.

Search Bar and Popular Tags
You can navigate through the database using the database through the 'Search Bar' or the 'Popular Tag' on the sidebar in the blog page.


The current Content Management (CMS) that I use is Grav. It's wonderful, wonderful, and suits my needs. One reason why I like this CMS so much is because it cleverly uses a flat-file database. For me, Its the best of both worlds. It's fast, adaptable, and not too steep of a learning curve.

Database Structure

The Categories and Tags system is extremely simple. The categories are the main topics of the blog. At minimum, they will always be one, and at most, there will be three. They are all the names in the blog's menu bar. If you want to see the complete list of categories, they are the following:


  • Series
    • Crown of Solstice
    • Rogues of Fortune
  • Essays
  • Projects
    • Book Design
    • Fitness
    • Cooking
    • Family History
    • Minimalism
  • Appendix
    • Blog Standards Manual
    • Resources
    • Tutorials
    • Lists and Rubrics
    • Notes


The tags will always include the Categories as well as a spattering of other tags which may include the following:

  • Journal
    • Poetry
    • Reflection
    • Economics
    • NPR
  • Series
    • Fiction
    • NonFiction
    • Fantasy
    • Science Fiction
  • Fitness
    • Wendler 5x5
    • Starting Strength
  • Minimalism
    • Green Living
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