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"There's still quite a bit of editing from the back end of my blog before I feel satisfied to leave it alone.

Here are some immediate I needs I need to work on:

Major Updates

Here are a few of my updates and changes needed to get the blog up and running.

  1. Add Commnt System
  2. Add UML Support
  3. Fix CSS stylings
  4. Fix Mobile Blog Menu
  5. Finish Writing Formatting Guide.

Specifically, I still need to figure out how to organize the naming system for images as well as their DPI and aspect ratio. Lastly, there is no image gallery to independently organize blog images, so I need to make a tutorial showing how to move, edit, and organize photos using SSH.

I also need to write some sort of front matter [] for all my posts to help with organization.

Blog Version

This blog is currently on Version 0. Description of blog versions is shown below: Version 0 - Building Underlying Structure of Blog Version 1 - Blog's Maiden Voyage!

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