a list of lists, manuals, and additional resources

Plans are of little importance, but planning is essential. Winston Churchill

I frequently need to reference long lists of boring information to be productive like interpreting the 'xev' command above.

As I continue to write in this blog and do research, I'll store my tutorials, notes, and resources in this section of the blog.

Blog Standards Manual

In this blog, I want to have a sort of consistency in style. Most of the blog is already formatted using CSS, but there are still some aspects that I still need to consider when organizing the blog including tags, update scheduling, image formatting, etc...


Tutorials made by yours truly.

Lists and Rubrics

Lists and Rubrics made by yours truly.


Here are some resources that I blatently copied and pasted from other websites. These are usually readily available material, and I ALWAYS credit or link to the original article where I got it from. Most of the information that is stored here are long lists of information (like ASCII codes, keyboard shortcuts, and colors).


Water Color Palette
A color palette of my current watercolors. It's useful to me but might not be for you.

I always have a habit of losing my notes or at least never using them because they are innaccessible. While this section is open for anyone to read, it is not really meant for anybody but myself.

The Notes section is a little bit different from the rest of the blog. Mainly, notes are not added to the blog role. Therefore, as I add information to this notes page, new posts will not be added to the homepage.

Types of Notes

Notes may not be understandable to the reader. This resource is not really meant for you. It is more or less meant for me.

Many notes be added and deleted as the blog continues. Many of my notes will be turned into actual fully fleshed blog posts. Once, that happens, it doesn't make sense to keep them in my notes page.

Types of Notes:

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